The Glitter Bee

Face & body painting, Henna, and waterproof festival looks.

Bleed Geeks

Reusable eco-friendly cloth products and waterproof bags

Author Catherine Jones Payne

Young-adult Mermaid Novels

FinTail Fusions

Customized fabric and silicone Mermaid tails


Mer-cessories, Clay Jewelry and Crowns

Society of Fat Mermaids

Size inclusive mer-themed clothing line and community.

Bonefish Designs

Handmade jewelry and hair accessories


Crochet and Fiber Art from human and pet accessories to home and garden items.

Made by a Mermaid

Silicone tails, tops, accessories, and handmade bath products

Butterflybunny Studio

Original paintings made into handbags, bookbags, purses, and other items

Lost at Sea Pearls

High end sterling silver and pearls


Mermaid Crowns and some mermaid paintings

Mermaid inspired gifts, clothing, and live mermaid events.

Body Color Cosmetics

Water resistant body paint and cosmetics

AppleJuice TeaParty

Hand-made fantastical self care items and home decor

Fancy Fish Fashions

Silicone accessories for fabric and silicone tails and tops

Dreams at hearts crafty creations

Handmand oak creations using upcycled material and repurposed items

Hell Kitten RVA

Costume Accessories and Arts of the Macabre

Gorgeous Chain

Chain Maille and scale maille of all kinds – home of the scalemaille tail

Magickal Things

Clothing, Art, and Magick supplies

Trinket’s Costume &Sundry

Second hand and vintage items including aquatic themes

Stone Wall Crafts

Leather work, jewelry, accessories, bone and skull art

Seawitch Leather

Leather work and weaponry

Heroes and Wizards Studios

Perler bead art. (Magnets, keychains, portraits, etc)

Mermaid Wave’s Treasure Trove

Original ocean and mermaid themed treasures including dolls, journals, tops, and more.

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