MerMagic Con
March 5th - 7th

MerMagic Con

The World's Largest Mermaid Convention

What if you could be SURROUNDED by others who understand your love for life in a tail?

What if you could GROW in your mer world?

What if there were hundreds who SHARED your passion and journey?

You Belong At MerMagic Con!

You Belong At MerMagic Con!

Workshops, swims, photoshoots, and activities for the whole family


General Programming

-What’s in a Tail? Choosing a tail for you
-Intro to Mermaiding
-EcoMermaiding and Conservation
-Mer-Wrangling 101
-Tricks in Tails
-Dolphin Kick Clinic
-Contracts and Fish Business: The basics of how to write them

Special Programming

-Safe Breath-holding in Water
-Intro to Silicone Mold Making
-Underwater Mermaid Minishoots
-Fantasy Shoots with FightGuy Photography
-So You Think You Want a Tank?
-Make Your Own Mercessory
-Tail Repair Clinic

Kid Track

-Splash Zone all day
-Mermaid Meet and Greet
-Kids crafts
-Kids’ Merlympics
-Pirate Magician
-Mermaid Story Time
-Mermaid Classes ages 7-12, Pre-registery required

Join us for swimming, diving, and socialization without missing any programming at open swim, our Friday night mixer, and Saturday night gala!

Grace in (Slow) Motion: Workshop with Syrena, Singapore’s First Mermaid

2021 Speakers

Specialty speakers include celebrity mermaids, marine scientists, scuba experts, free-diving champions, filmmakers, photographers, authors, artists and business coaches. Experienced specialists will teach attendees to create their own ocean accessory, learn water safety fundamentals, discover scuba and freediving while other mermaid enthusiasts model for aquatic photo shoots, compete for prizes in the Merlympics and peruse the mermaid-inspired wares of artisanal vendors.

Morgana Alba

Co-founder of MerMagic Con and Owner of Circus Siren Pod

Seanna Ackermann

Co-founder of MerMagic Con and CEO and Owner of Mermaid Seanna

Anna Clapper

Scientist, Mermaid Performer, and Owner of Deep Blue Aquatic

Rebecca Hawk

Makeup Artist and SFX Specialist

Mermaid Michelle Mozdzen Esq

Professional Mermaid and IP Attorney 

Katja Undersea

Mermaid Performer and Event Producer

Lila Jones

Marine biologist, Professional Mermaid, Member of Hawaii’s Ecotourism Board, Creator of the NAUI Mermaid Cert

Brittany Walker

Owner of Freya Accounting, Small Business and Performer Tax Specialist

Philo Barnhart

Animator of Disney’s The Little Mermaid (1989)

Mermaid Shannon

Professional Mermaid and Children’s Book Author 

Melanie Canatella

Underwater photographer

Nate Leazer

Founder/owner of Blue Alchemy Freediving, International Freediving Competitor and Coach

Helena The Mermaid

Professional Mermaid and CMT Advocate

Mermaid Tasha

Professional Mermaid Performer

Greg Surniak

Founder of Silken Alchemy and Merwrangler to the Circus Siren Pod

K.M. Robinson

Best-selling author of The Siren Wars Saga, social media and marketing expert

Katey McCann

Katey Mermaid, Ohio’s First Mermaid, Founder of The Ohio Mermaids

Nicole Oliva

Professional singer, mermaid, and performer 

Mermaid Michelle Mozdzen Esq.



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